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Outdoor LED Display Advertising Advantages

Oct. 05, 2020

Rich advertising format

Traditional advertising forms have limited content and cannot fully express the advertising content: LED Display Billboards are different. Operators and publishers can update the LED display advertising content at any time, only need to control the computer, and the update process is not affected by others. Limitations of external conditions. According to statistics, large-scale LED display screens update advertising content once a month on average, while small-scale full-color LED display screens will change advertising content once a week for as little as three to five days.

Strong visual impact

The special large-size, dynamic, sound and picture-in-one LED advertising of the LED display can fully stimulate the audience’s senses, and the LED outdoor advertising can effectively convey information to guide consumption. Audiences are facing overwhelming advertising. However, the limited memory space of audiences and the infiniteness of information dissemination have made LED display attention gradually become a scarce resource. Therefore, attention economy has become the largest size to test the effect of advertising.

LED Display Billboards

LED Display Billboards

High coverage

Outdoor LED Screen are generally installed in government agencies, high-end commercial districts and transportation hubs with high population density. Maipu's brilliant LED display stimulates consumers' strong desire to purchase and launch through high-frequency communication with consumers.

Upgrading the city

Government agencies use LED advertisements to release some government affairs information and city promotional videos, which can not only beautify the image of the city, but also improve the quality and taste of the city. LED Display Screens are now widely used in stadiums, venue centers, advertising, transportation, etc. It can indirectly reflect the economic, cultural and social life of a city.

Energy saving and environmental protection

When traditional advertisements are replaced, some garbage that cannot be recycled will be generated, which is not conducive to environmental protection. The LED display used to broadcast advertisements is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It works around the clock and is fully adapted to various harsh outdoor environments. It is anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion. The overall performance of thunder and earthquake resistance is strong, cost-effective, and display performance.

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