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Transport Highways VMS Signs LED Display Solution Effect

Nov. 06, 2019

VMS (Variable Message Signs) traffic led display is good for transportation or highways to show the road traffic information, convenient for the drivers to know more about the road details. Mostly are RGB with yellow or green or red color to show the text or led sign.


Feature of the Road Traffic Information LED Digital:


1. High heat dissipation led cabinet suit for it, such as DIP P16/DIP P20/DIP P25.

2. High refresh and high brightness to suit for the bad weather environment.

3. High waterproof with double-sided gluing filling for the led modules and dust-proof with double layer back door to avoid the dust and water come into the cabinets-keeping long lifespan.

4. High quality with MBI drive IC, Epistar and CREE LED, Meanwell power supply to work for the cabinets.

5. High stable and high anti-shacking, will use the snap type color flat cable to work together.


Usage of the VMS led screen:

1. Check-in information

2. Baggage reclaim

3. Passenger information

4. Sailing times 

5. Flight arrivals & departures

6. Bus & rail times & destinations

7. Car parking information

8. Customs information 

9. Road signs

10. Vehicle queuing

highways led advertising display.jpghighways led advertising display.jpg

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