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Dance Floor LED Display Solution Effect

Nov. 05, 2019

Dance floor led screen can use for all kinds of events, including the parties events, fashion show, wedding events, corporate events , showroom, DJ Hall, Disco club, kindergarten, shopping mall and rental stage events.


Feature of Lit or Disco Dance Floor Led Display:


1. With iron cabinets or die-casting aluminum cabinets as selection for the floor led display according to the budget.

2. With Acrylic board or GOB Nano technology as selection to cover the led screen, whcih can provide the led lamp when people walking or dancing on the floor led panel.

3. With Interactive control system radar sensor, people can have a good interaction with the games which display by the led screen.

4. In order to protect the led cabinets work for a long time, it will have foot glass or track to support all the cabinets. its safety bearing capacity can reach up to 2000kg/m2. It is safe enough to be used as a dance floor. 

Solution Diagram:

dance floor display control system diagram.jpg

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