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Creative LED Screen Solution Effect

Nov. 06, 2019

From now own, the led display is more widely use in many kinds of applications, standard indoor or outdoor led cabinets are not suit for some special applications, such as the Booth, DJ Bar, Disco Pub, mushroom column, sky ceiling of the building....Therefore, it needs the creative DJ led screen, round led display, triangle led wall,Cubic led display, LED Can display, LED Christmas Tree, Flexible led screen, Round Logo led sign, Tax led sign and so on... to meet different kinds of applications to show different logos, pictures,videos...


Creative led display will be supplied as below request:

1. LED Cabinet shape will be supplied according to the project environment.

2. Customized led screen size and pixel pitch.

3. Flexible led screen can make with different shape, round column led screen,curve led panel....

4. Logo led sign can be provided with P4.6 & P8 outdoor to fit the coffee shop.

5. LED Ball to show the map

Solution Application:

cubic led display.jpgcubic led display.jpgcubic led display.jpgcubic led display.jpg

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